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Brotherhood of the Rose

IMDb 6.9 240 min
Saul and Chris are orphans who at a young age were adopted by a man named Elliot, who's a top CIA operative. They would also join the CIA and become exceptional agents. Today, Saul's a little burned out, cause he has not succeeded in his past few assignments. And Chris feeling the need for absolution has spent the last six years in a monastery. Elliot gives Saul and Chris new assignments, Saul's suppose to take out five men, while Chris is suppose to sek out and kill someone. Saul does his job, while Chris doesn't, he then seeks refuge at the Abelard sanction, a safehouse where anyone in the spy business can go to and be safe, cause anyone who kills anyone while within their walls will be terminated. Saul later learns that the men he killed are peace makers and he is being hunted. And Elliot has denounced Saul as a rogue agent. Saul manages to evade his pursuers. Elliot who needs to find him, finds Chris who left the safehouse, after a friend of his kills the man that Chris was sent to kill, only Chris is the one who has been pegged as the killer, and according to Abelard sanction rules, all violators must the hunted down and terminated. Elliot tells Chris that he wants to help Saul, so Chris finds him but Saul has a backdoor to where they were and watch as Elliot's people blows the place up. They then hook up with Erica, an Israeli agent and Saul's former love. They discover that Elliot "adopted" 18 other boys and made them agents too. Looking back on their lives they realize that everything they did in their youth was to prepare them for being spies. They now have to find out what Elliot is up to, at the same time Elliot has to find them before anyone else does.
James Hong, David Morse, Robert Mitchum, M Emmet Walsh, James Sikking, Connie Sellecca, Peter Strauss, Rhys Mcconnochie
Jared Cohn
United States
4.5 / 151 times
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